Curriculum and Schedule*

Thursday (10/26)

5:00–8:00pm — Reception

6:00pm — Program Begins                                                      

Friday (10/27)

8:00–8:30am  Morning Welcome

  • Welcome: Lauren Ruffin
  • Ice Breaker Activity:  led by Anu Rangappa

8:30–9:15am — Getting Ready to Run/Building Power: Sujata Tejwani

9:30–9:45am — Break

9:45–11:30am — Story, Building Trust for Leaders & Stump Speech: Sujata Tejwani

11:30–12:30pm — Lunch

  • Welcome: Lauren Ruffin introduces lunch speaker
  • Perspective from an Artist Who Won Election: Ryan Dorsey, Baltimore City Councilman
  • Artist Pact (series of ideals ACS students should promote): Lauren Ruffin

12:30–1:30pm — Voter Targeting: John Hagner

1:30–2:30pm — Fundraising: Rebecca Bahar-Cook

2:30–2:45pm — Break

2:45–3:45pm — Field: Ben Smith

3:45–4:45pm — Legal: John Robinson

4:45–5:45pm  Digital/Online Strategies: Kristopher Banks

6:00–8:00pm  Reception

Saturday (10/28)

8:45am  Final Gathering

  • As students will be departing right after the small group sessions, this will be the final opportunity for the cohort to gather as a unit.
  • Thank you: Lauren Ruffin
  • Words of WisdomJulianna Smoot
  • Final logistics: Anu Rangappa

9:00–11:00am — Small Group Training: Rania Batrice and Ben Smith

11:00am — Check Out and Students Depart

*Curriculum and Schedule subject to change.