Artists tend to be an active and passionate bunch. When they see something wrong in the world, they want to get involved and fix it. But when that something is politics, it's hard to figure out where to begin.

That’s where Artist Campaign School comes in: we’ll train you in everything you need to know to get your political campaign up and running. From fundraising to putting together policy statements, we are bringing together top-tier campaign veterans who will provide you with practical knowledge and set you up for a successful bid. All we need from you is a vision and the will to run—we’ll fly you in and put you up at a hotel for an intense two days of creating your campaign plan and developing your strategy. 

Artist Campaign School is open to artists and arts administrators from across the political spectrum, regardless of the profile of the office you seek—we believe that some of the most important decisions that affect our community are being made at the local level.

It has become increasingly clear that we need a more diverse group of elected officials representing the whole United States of America. We welcome people of all backgrounds to apply, especially from traditionally underrepresented communities in politics and in the arts. 

Thank you for your interest. The application for the 2019 Artist Campaign School is now closed. If you have any questions please fill out the form below, or send us an email to

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If you aren’t committed to running for office but want to support artists and artist-centered policy, check out For Freedoms PAC and make a donation. Every bit counts.